5 media questions

1.why do businesses and products advertise?

so people will buy stuff

2.with a partner brainstorm all the places you see and hear advertising think beyond the obious

justice bath and body works

3.where do you see most advertising?

Justice Booksamillion the mall

4.where do you see advertising but wish it was not there?

wamart and i wish it was hollister

5.are there places that advertising shold not be allowed? why are why not?

walmart cause you just go and get it.

The little wich

It was the night before Halloween There was a witch named Annie and she always wanted to go trick or treating

but her mom always said it is too dangerous  and even know Halloween was her

birthday! she was sad she usually had  friends her over but no one else was her friend

because she would cast a spell on anyone who made fun of her teased her or joked with her her mom  pulled her out of school so she would be safe so her

only friend was a ghost dog her mom went in her room and said it is time for bed she turnd her self invisble and snuck out she got 105 pecis of candy the end