My Personal Narrative

I cant beleive we’re already leaving! my sister exclaimed.I was soo tired tired because my parents woke me up late at night.Before i knew it i was fast asleep.When i woke up and looked at my ipad mini it was
5am.I looked out my window and the sun was rising,and once again i was out like a lightbulb.The next time i woke up we had just pulled up.I walked out of the car and almost froze! i ran inside and realised there was no room because we had 5 families coming and there were exactly 5 beds for the parents! but my mom solved that problem she said that there was just enough room for me in her bed we started to unpack and than we settled in.All the sudden my uncle Jarret walked in Hey everybody! he yelled we were all very exited my aunt minta and cousins were here.We had a great time playing outside it was so much fun.The next day we went to a ski lodge called sipapoo.We had fun drinking hot cocoa,sleding,tubing,and playing in the snow.The next day we went exploring.We climbed mountains,walked through tall grass,and built a snowman.the next day was shopping and starbucks! i loved spending time with my family! do you? i was sad about leaving but we always have this year!