Fourth Grade Math

this year I learned how to do division. And a lot of multipucation facts fluently. My favorite part of the year is the middle because you just can’t wait for the end.My least favorite part of the year is the end because you have to watch all your friends leave. One of my strenths is geometry and algebra,and one of my weaknesses is division fast facts.Next year i want to learn volume ande other stuff like that. I am exited to see fifth grade math and learn and bring my fluentcy up a notch.i,ll be good at some things and other things i might struggle on but i will make next year a good year!!!

California poppy


The scientific classification for a california poppy is papaveraceae. The scientific name is Eschschscholiz califonica. It is a orange flower with soft petals, and has a leaf pattern that looks like a pine tree. Its blooming period is april-august , and it grows in all of texas! Its height is 12 to 18 inches.The germination period is 15 to 30 days.An intresting fact is that it is the state flower of california!!

So Long 4th Grade

The most important thing I learned was division and how to do some multiplication facts fluently.
My favorite project was making circuits in Mrs. Smallwood’s room.
I was most surprised by how nice all the teachers were.
The thing I disliked most was learning division.