Month: September 2015

Life In 5th Grade

5th grade is fun you know you get to be the oldest your 10 and 11 and you just feel big.But you also have to juggle 5 classes in one day in one class period in like 55 minutes.Well  thats about it see yah later

9/11 reflections

You will never forget this day as long as you live 9/11/01.That day was a sad day for every one even England played the natinal anthem there was shocked.Everyone rushing out of the building, but some were coming in lots of firemen and woman lost their lives trying to save people just like us.The hijackers knew they would die and they did those terrible thing just to say that their god is better than ours the words of one hijacker was ”stay quiet and you will be okay”.As my grandmother says God is always in control no matter what this was a great example of his work especially when the passengers fought back.9/11/01 you will never forget this day as long as you live.

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