Before the break,I coded using Star Wars. It was hard at first but whenever i got to the last few levels it was soo easy.I even started helping with a lot of people it was fun.And the last level when you can create your own game,that was my favorite level.What I found difficult was whenever you had to add other creatures whenever you kill one another spawns.And you don’t really have hints or anything to help you.And my rating from 1 TOATAL waste of my time to 10 I did not want to stop. And i am going to give it a 8 it was fun and I feel like if i did it again I would be able to code my own game.

American Flag Who? Why?

I think Betsey Ross designed the flag,because there is more proof and stories behind her making the flag than Francis Hopkinson,he did have a receipt but it was revoked the first time,and the second receipt for a naval flag.Also,in the historical society meeting William Canby told a story where a girl named Hannah Whetherhill got a 5 pointed star from Betsey Ross and it was found in a Whetherhill safe. S that is what I think but  could be wrong because no one knows who exactly made the flag.