Literary Response

Sharon Draper in out of my mind gave melody and her parents’ characteristics that are common in other people.Also She gave melody and her parents great detailed personalities.When Melody thinks it’s exactly what I¬†would think or say if I was in that situation,Sharon Draper made Melody very relatable.”And then there’s me I hate the stupid snowman” “It’s not only my lunch tray it’s my communication board” Her parents are protective but not too protective and also nice. They even kind of remind me of my parents.Also when Penny came she didn’t change at all she’s still nice and amazing. Melody is a great character. She is caring and kind. Her parents a great also, And that’s only a couple out of a million reasons why this book is really good.And finally that’s how I think that the characters seem like real people.

Sharon Drapers Writing

These are the things I like about Out of my Mind,I really like how descriptive she
is in her writing and the emotion level is perfect.”I stared at mom frantically I did not want to be sent away.Was I a burden?” Sharon Draper made melody have a very good sense of
humor.”Now what’s a play pretty? I have a hard enough time figuring out real stuff I have to figure out the meanings of made up words!” The book is in melody’s point of view,so we understand what’s going on in her head. “I’m surrounded by words” And those are my favorite things in Sharon Drapers book Out of my Mind.