My sisters’ spine surgery 2016

On New Year’s Eve, I usually reflect on my year and what made it good or bad

But this year was pretty hard for me and my family. And when some news got to me it was very shocking.

May 2016 my sister Haley had spinal fusion. It was always a possibility that she would have it but it finally got done.

It is hard for her to be a normal teenager and also struggle with her back and everything else.

The day she had her surgery she watched her abilities fly away like dragonflies.

She had suffered scoliosis for two to three years and as her sister it is nerve racking to see her in so much pain.

But I know everything happens for a reason, and that Haley will recover and she will be able to do things a lot easier.

But, for now I will keep on coming up with some way to tease you about your back!

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