Communication or Technology

“The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.” -Tony Robbins
Sometimes you feel like sending a quick text would be better than going all the way to the other side of the house and asking your mom or dad, but it’s sometimes better to ask them in person. While some differences between technology and talking are evident,the similarities are striking
when you’re communicating in person you get to see who you’re talking to but sometimes through technology you don’t know who it is.And if you are getting cyber bullied the bully could be unknown.One of my friends got cyberbullied once and she didn’t know who it was,so it took longer for the bulling to stop.Sometimes when you are talking in person you need to be careful what you say because the tone of your voice can change the entire sentence.

But another con to talking through technology is your friend or family member might not have their phone with them.When I sometimes go to text my sister most of the time won’t answer because she’s usually busy doing something else. Most of the time when she’s with a friend she won’t answer my texts.
The differences of talking in person and talking through technology are shown like a lot but some you don’t realize how different they are. One thing is how you text verses how you talk in texting you usually don’t spell out the entire word like you, instead of you most of the time you would put the letter u . When I am writing sometimes I find myself like writing u and ur and things like that. But you need to be careful when your doing that in texting because you can get to used to it and start writing like that and trust me I don’t really think that your teachers would enjoy that. Because on texting and talking you say different things.
Some differences are very evident the similarities are striking,and I feel like talking in person is better than technology.
Also with communication it is important to be able to talk to people correctly if you want to be able to have a job or basically do anything.

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