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Changing the World one Step at a Time

Education is important to Malala because it makes her feel free to do anything she can put her mind to. Malala enjoys going to school and being one of the top students. “School remained a haven from the insanity of a city in the middle of a war.” Initially, she has been one of the smartest girls in her school for a long time.And seeing the taliban threatening to take that away from her scares her. She wants to make Pakistan a better place. “Now I knew I would have to do something. I didn’t know what it was, but I prayed to God to give me the strength and courage to make the world a better place.” Malala wants girls to have rights and be able to go to school. But a lot of us in America take getting to go to school for granted. But we all need to see that going to school is a privilege not something that is just handed to you. Learning new things is vital to Malala because it makes her feel free to be, or do anything she wants to. And that is why education is important to Malala.

Communication or Technology

“The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.” -Tony Robbins
Sometimes you feel like sending a quick text would be better than going all the way to the other side of the house and asking your mom or dad, but it’s sometimes better to ask them in person. While some differences between technology and talking are evident,the similarities are striking
when you’re communicating in person you get to see who you’re talking to but sometimes through technology you don’t know who it is.And if you are getting cyber bullied the bully could be unknown.One of my friends got cyberbullied once and she didn’t know who it was,so it took longer for the bulling to stop.Sometimes when you are talking in person you need to be careful what you say because the tone of your voice can change the entire sentence.

But another con to talking through technology is your friend or family member might not have their phone with them.When I sometimes go to text my sister most of the time won’t answer because she’s usually busy doing something else. Most of the time when she’s with a friend she won’t answer my texts.
The differences of talking in person and talking through technology are shown like a lot but some you don’t realize how different they are. One thing is how you text verses how you talk in texting you usually don’t spell out the entire word like you, instead of you most of the time you would put the letter u . When I am writing sometimes I find myself like writing u and ur and things like that. But you need to be careful when your doing that in texting because you can get to used to it and start writing like that and trust me I don’t really think that your teachers would enjoy that. Because on texting and talking you say different things.
Some differences are very evident the similarities are striking,and I feel like talking in person is better than technology.
Also with communication it is important to be able to talk to people correctly if you want to be able to have a job or basically do anything.

My sisters’ spine surgery 2016

On New Year’s Eve, I usually reflect on my year and what made it good or bad

But this year was pretty hard for me and my family. And when some news got to me it was very shocking.

May 2016 my sister Haley had spinal fusion. It was always a possibility that she would have it but it finally got done.

It is hard for her to be a normal teenager and also struggle with her back and everything else.

The day she had her surgery she watched her abilities fly away like dragonflies.

She had suffered scoliosis for two to three years and as her sister it is nerve racking to see her in so much pain.

But I know everything happens for a reason, and that Haley will recover and she will be able to do things a lot easier.

But, for now I will keep on coming up with some way to tease you about your back!

Sharon Drapers Writing

These are the things I like about Out of my Mind,I really like how descriptive she
is in her writing and the emotion level is perfect.”I stared at mom frantically I did not want to be sent away.Was I a burden?” Sharon Draper made melody have a very good sense of
humor.”Now what’s a play pretty? I have a hard enough time figuring out real stuff I have to figure out the meanings of made up words!” The book is in melody’s point of view,so we understand what’s going on in her head. “I’m surrounded by words” And those are my favorite things in Sharon Drapers book Out of my Mind.

Child Labor

child labor was terrible. Children were not meant to do that type of work. And so many kids got hurt, going to work meant they might lose a hand or a finger or even die! It wasn’t safe. And everyboby had a cold because of the air. And they thought the children were no better than a peice of  machinery that I will never understand. They also had 12 to 14 hour working periods! It was a terrible enviroment for the kids and everyone thought a education wasn’t relevant for them work was better than being able to read,write or do math child labor was a terrible thing. And those are my thoughts on child labor.